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Shout Outs From Alternate Realities

Dreams of a Dancing Shaman

20 August
Disclaimer: This weblog is being used by me (dancingshaman) as a repository for role-playing game character fiction. That bears repeating - what is written in this blog is FICTION, and as such should not be misinterpeted as anything other than FICTION. Also, all of the material here is my work (unless noted otherwise and with the author's permission), and as such is not to be reproduced anywhere, for any reason, without my express written permission.

Subscription: All the entries on this journal are locked to my "Friends Only" list. If you would like to see examples of turgid writing and an elementray schooler's grasp of grammar, leave a comment here and I'll subscribe you. (I HATE with a blind fury the term "I'll friend you," as this leads to the unfortunate declaration of "I'm unfriending you" if you want to remove their subscription to a blog. So I don't use the phrase. Small steps.)

Story Codes: In each of the entry headings, I'll put a code that denotes which game or character the entry is for. As more people subscribe to this blog, I'll start filtering according to interest.

The codes currently in use are:

7SEA - "Avalon Rising," a 7th Sea tabletop RPG. [1]

ARAGON - "Aragon, A Modern Day Ghost Story," an on-line Vampire: The Masqurade RPG. [2]

BLOOD - "Blood Magic," a 2nd. Ed. AD&D RPG. [3]

CAST - "CAST," a Vampire: The Masquerade LARP. [4]

DREAMS - "The City of Dreams," an "Angel" tabletop RPG. [5]

NAMAHAGE - "Namahage Station," a "Firefly" LARP. [6]

NORTH - "The Northern Kingdoms," a 2nd Ed. AD&D RPG. [7]

STARWARS - "Heritage of J'el'hadi," a Star Wars (d6 system) tabletop RPG. [8]

STTCS - "Battlestations!," a Star Trek Tactical Combat Simulator tabletop RPG. [9]

WATERDEEP - "Waterdeep," a 2nd. Ed. AD&D RPG. [10]

If you're here from one of my many RPGs and reading these entries, please remember that this is all stuff that you don't know in-character.

Thanks, and hope you enjoy.



[1] Diego Soldano y Nunez de Torres, mariachi and swordsman, newcomer to the shores of Avalon and a wanted man in his own country of Castille.

[2] To date, only Jesse Bowerman, a Gangrel arrived from the Court of Newhaven. Others will appear as they cross over from other stories/campaigns.

[3] Kiernan Orleset, Battle Cleric of Hieroneous in the Free City of Greyhawk.

[4] Parris, a Brujah (note that this code will not be used for the forseeable future, as I have left that game).

[5] Kevin Hayes, a former Tremere, now the recipient of a soul.

[6] Various characters as devised by the Producers, notably Governor Esteban Mgoro, Governor of Santo.

[7] Donnan Curall, Knight of the Hart and reluctant Duke of Irongate (the link takes you to gaaneden's first-person chronicle of the game.)

[8] Pavel O'Connor, Jedi Knight of the New Republic.

[9] These stories are vignettes or pastiches set in the "Star Trek" universe, post- "Star Trek VI, The Undiscovered Country," and before the era of "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

[10] Arion Eiriksson, Paladin of Torm the True, son of Eirik Vignarsson.